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Black And White Wednesday # 71 Gallery

Thank you all for participating in this week’s black and white Wednesday event #71. It’s a virtual delight  to see all the gorgeous pictures at one place. I hope you enjoy them as much I do…. Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever. . . it remembers little things,
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Announcing Black & White Wednesday #71

I am so thrilled to be hosting this week’s Black and white Wednesday # 71. This is my first event and would like to thank Cindy of Cindystar for giving me this opportunity and also susan of the Well sesasoned cook, who initially started this beautiful event. There are few simple easy rules to follow and here they are: •
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Banana Bread (Cake)

New Year Celebrations With Banana Cake

Wish you all a very happy new year and Happy Sankranthi to all my Indian friends. Hope you all had a great new year with lots of food, fun and joy….:) I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I’ve been busy travelling, then after coming back from my trip got busy with my job & other
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serve Guddula Miram

Cooking With 3 Sisters: Gudulla Miram (Spicy Egg Fry)

Having a grand mom is always a fortune in everyone’s lives but having three is like winning a lottery… :)I am very fortunate to have a grandma (my mom’s mom) and her two sisters in my life. They are the fantastic woman whom I admire, respect & love them a lot…they are Zen of my life. Whenever I visit them in the
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Allu Samosa

Sweet and Sassy Blueberry Curry Sauce With Samosas

As the summer is slipping into Autumn, everyone started decorating/rearranging their house, but we are still catching up few bits of hot and cold temperature and enjoying barbeque parties. Couple of weeks back we had a barbeque-potluck block party and I was in a kind of strange dilemma whether I can cook for so many people and if yes what
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