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Rajma Chawal 4

Quick & Easy Rajma Chawal (Rice with Kidney Beans)

From past couple of days I am leading quiet a hectic lifestyle. Long commute and a hectic workload at work made my life blahh…. Couple of days back when I was heading home from work, I was craving for some  kind of comfort food, thought of going for dhal-chawal …but naahhh…..I wanted something exotic but should be quick and easy fix.
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Kheema Biryani

One-pot meals are always hit in my family and for me it’s the easiest job. Couple of weeks back few of my friends visited us and I made this awesome turkey kheema biryani, and their reaction was little shock but after they tasted it they fell in love with the recipe. Everyone thinks that biryani is a very complex dish
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serve Guddula Miram

Cooking With 3 Sisters: Gudulla Miram (Spicy Egg Fry)

Having a grand mom is always a fortune in everyone’s lives but having three is like winning a lottery… :)I am very fortunate to have a grandma (my mom’s mom) and her two sisters in my life. They are the fantastic woman whom I admire, respect & love them a lot…they are Zen of my life. Whenever I visit them in the
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Allu Samosa

Sweet and Sassy Blueberry Curry Sauce With Samosas

As the summer is slipping into Autumn, everyone started decorating/rearranging their house, but we are still catching up few bits of hot and cold temperature and enjoying barbeque parties. Couple of weeks back we had a barbeque-potluck block party and I was in a kind of strange dilemma whether I can cook for so many people and if yes what
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Undrallu For Ganesh Chaturthi

“Vakratunda Mahakaya Surya Koti Samaprabha. Nirvignam Kurumedeva Sarvakaryeshu Sarvada” Hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating Vinayaka Chavithi!! Before we jump to the recipe, I would like to share my experience during the festival. We got up early in the morning on this day (pretty early I should say than normal), sanctified ourselves and the house especially near the puja
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