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Cooking With 3 Sisters: Gudulla Miram (Spicy Egg Fry)

Having a grand mom is always a fortune in everyone’s lives but having three is like winning a lottery… :)I am very fortunate to have a grandma (my mom’s mom) and her two sisters in my life. They are the fantastic woman whom I admire, respect & love them a lot…they are Zen of my life.

Grandmom's - Jewels of My Life

Jaya Amama & Lakshmi Pedha Amama – Exploring Old Pictures

Whenever I visit them in the village or they visit me here, they make me feel like the center of the Universe and who doesn’t want to be ….wink, wink ;). I always enjoy spending time with them by chatting about their golden-olden days, learning new things, techniques or  patience in life or in kitchen and off course their delicious food.


Garlic Time

They are the fabulous cooks, very unique with each other recipes but their food is very simple, exotic and the most delicious. Each and everyone one is expert in their own recipe like my Lakshmi pedha amama (Amama means Grandmom) who is eldest of all three sisters makes the perfect appetizers, Snacks, Sweets and cakes; Jaya amama – middle sister makes the utterly delicious non-veg dishes and Indira amama – youngest of all makes the awesome vegetarian and roti pachadi (instant chutneys/pickles) dishes.


Naughty Eggs

Today I have started a new series in my blog “Cooking with 3 sisters” where I will be documenting/photographing their recipes in a step-by-step process while they are cooking our favorite dishes. Few of the recipes are like a treasure to them, which they have learnt it from their mom’s, grandmas and perfected over many- many years.

Today I am sharing one of my family’s favorite recipe – Jaya Amama’s special Goudulla Miram (Spicy Egg Fry). This recipe is for the people who loves eggs and garlic, very simple to make and need only few ingredients and can be done less than 30 minutes. Here is the recipe with lots of pictures…Enjoy!

Jaya Amama’s Special Recipe ~ Guddula Miram

• 6 Eggs
• 1 Whole big Garlic bulb
• 2 tbsp Oil (Vegetable or Corn)
• 2 tbsp Chilli Powder

1. Put enough water in a sauce pan to just cover a single layer of eggs.Put the eggs into the cool water, bring to a boil, cover and immediately remove the pan from the heat.
Boiling Eggs

2. Pour off the hot water, and to stop the cooking process, run under cold water. Remove the shells immediately, and allow to cool.
Peeled Boiled Eggs

3. Grind Garlic in mortar and pestle. Don’t make it fine paste, the consistence of the garlic should be like very thinly sliced onions.

4. Take a pan and heat oil on a medium heat. Now slowly add garlic and fry without burning it.

5. Fry the garlic till it turns golden brown color.
Brown Garlic

6. Add boiled egg halves into the pan. Dont touch the eggs by turning them here and there, just let them sit on the garlic bed for few seconds.
Egg Fry

7. Now add salt as per your taste and One tablespoon chilli powder on the egg halves.
Egg Fry

8. Now turn the eggs one by one and add the rest of the chilli powder on the egg halves and let them fry for a minute.
Egg Fry

Guddula miram

Final Few Touches

9. Now slowly one by one turn the eggs and check if the garlic and chilli mix got sticked to the eggs properly and let it fry for one or two minutes.

Guddula Miram

Jaya Amama Serving Guddula Mirram

10. Turn off the gas and slowly remove the Gudulla miram (spicy egg fry) into a bowl.

Enjoy the spicy egg fry with any kind of flat bread or with plain white rice or brown rice.

Guddula Miram

Guddula Miram

Linked to :Black and White Wednesday created by Sysan of The Well-Seasoned Cook, now organized by Cinzia of Cindystar, and hosted this week by Simona of Briciole.


BWW Garlic

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17 Responses to “Cooking With 3 Sisters: Gudulla Miram (Spicy Egg Fry)”

  1. Wow lovely pictures !! Great Job !

  2. sangeetakhanna says:

    I love boiled eggs in any form and anything garlicky too. Would be great to make it for a spicy diner tomorrow.

  3. Simona says:

    Lovely story and gorgeous photos. I wish I could taste those eggs: they look wonderful. Thank you so much for contributing to BWW!

  4. I love eggs (and cooked in all kinds!) and this looks wonderful!

  5. dassana says:

    this is a nice series and i am looking forward to it. i usually make eggs for hubby with onion-tomato masala. but this simple version is so easy and garlicky too. will try this soon.

    • Shruthi says:

      Thanks Dassana, we also make it with Onion and tomoato masala but this recipe is our region special and my grandmom is expert in making it. Let me know how it turns out for you.

  6. Hi Shruthi,
    I love the preparation of these spicy and garlicky eggs. Gorgeous clicks!

  7. Look forward to trying these eggs. Do you think I could use paprika instead? Hubby doesn’t like food spicy.

    • Shruthi says:

      Sure, If you don’t like spicy food then you can add paprika little.Let me know how it turns out for you. Let me know how it turns out for you.

  8. Wow.. That’s one awesome recipe..

  9. akshata says:

    You had commented on my blog long time back.. thanks..
    you have a lovely site here.. I am going to go through it all ..

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