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New Year Celebrations With Banana Cake

Banana Cake

Wish you all a very happy new year and Happy Sankranthi to all my Indian friends. Hope you all had a great new year with lots of food, fun and joy….:)
I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I’ve been busy travelling, then after coming back from my trip got busy with my job & other duties.

I love the smell of banana’s and baking them with chocolate is more awesome. Finally today I got a chance to bake the cake. I have gone through countless recipes for banana cake…bread…It was disastrous the first time I baked it. Later I have changed couple of things in the original recipe; like shortening, adding brown sugar, dark chocolates. I don’t know why but I’m always reluctant to use shortening in cakes. I prefer butter for more flavor. So without any further delay, here’s the recipe to share with you.

Happy Baking!

Baking Preperation

1 Stick Unsalted Butter
1 3/4 cups All-purpose flour
1/2 cup Granulated white sugar
1/4 Cup Brown Sugar
1 tsp Baking powder
1/4 tsp Baking soda
1/4 tsp Salt
2 large Eggs, lightly beaten
6 ounces Chopped Bittersweet chocolate,
1/4 Cup Chopped Walnuts
2 ripe Large bananas, mashed well
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
Garnish: (Optional) Walnuts/Caramel/Whip Cream

Banana Cake


1. Preheat the oven at 350°F. Butter and flour a 5″ x 9″ loaf pan or any pan you would like.
2. Sieve the flour, baking soda and fine salt. Whisk to mix.
3. Beat butter and sugar (granulated white & brown) until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes.
4. Turn the mixer to low and add the eggs, one at a time, beat well.
5. Add mashed banana and vanilla extract, beat until combined.
6. Slowly add the flour mixture, one spoon at a time until well mixed.
7. Now add chocolate, walnuts and beat at medium speed until all ingredients blended.
8. Pour the mixture into the pan and garish it with walnuts on the top.
9. Bake for 60 minutes or after 60 minutes insert the fork in the center and it should come out clean.
10. Cool the cake in the pan for couple of minutes then cool it completely on the wire rack.

Serve the cake with the drizzle of caramel or whip cream on top or just plain….

BWW Banana Cake
Linked To: This is my contribution Black and White Wednesday #67 hosted this week by Jeanne of the Cooking Doctor. Thanks to Susan for creating this event and to Cinzia who is organizing this event so beautifully.

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