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Rajma Chawal 4

Quick & Easy Rajma Chawal (Rice with Kidney Beans)

From past couple of days I am leading quiet a hectic lifestyle. Long commute and a hectic workload at work made my life blahh…. Couple of days back when I was heading home from work, I was craving for some  kind of comfort food, thought of going for dhal-chawal …but naahhh…..I wanted something exotic but should be quick and easy fix.
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Modakam For Ganesh Chaturthi

Wish you all Happy Vinayaka Chaturthi, hope you all had a great time celebrating this festival. For the readers who are unaware about this festival, here is something which I would like to share with you all. Ganesha Chaturthi, also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi is the Hindu festival of Ganesha, the elephant-headed son of Shiva and Parvati.It is the birthday
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Too Tempting

Hot…Hot….Punjabi Samosas

Who doesn’t droll over food photography, specially at these hot and spicy punjabi samosas. Couple of weeks back I enjoyed them in Jaipur Resturant Chicago with couple of my friends. You will find awesome Indian food without having to trek all the way up to Devon. After a very long time I had best Indian food in Chicago downtown. Must
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Dum Aloo (Baby Potatoes In Spicy Gravy)

I love food. I like to cook and finding new recipes to bookmark from other blogs. I don’t always get time to try out all the new recipes, but they usually inspire me later. That’s how I came come across Anamika’s MadcookingFusion blog. She has such a lovely blog and wonderful recipes to try. It was very hard for me
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Palak Daal

Palakura Pappu (Cooked Spinach & Lentils)

There are few recipes which I never get tired of eating: Okra fry with lots of green chillies, Pappu (any recipe) & eggs (any recipe).But when it comes to comfort food, there is nothing more comforting than palakura pappu with steamed rice and a dollop of ghee (clarrified butter).

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